Growing up in Bridgeport, CT as a young kid and living in the city's west side I was exposed to several life shaping events. One of those events being the constant drone of sirens, be it police, fire or ems. I keyed in on the fire sirens because of their unmistakable sounds. My curiosity peaked and I began wondering where all those sirens where going.
Bridgeport was a tough old city where unbeknownst to me and my world, was full of poverty, crime and what else....fires. Sometimes two or three a night. One of those nights, a typical hot summer night in 1990 I witnessed a huge two alarm blaze in the city's south end. When all was said and done five houses and two garages were left in rubble.
This job as I would learn they were called, shaped my fire photography career and forever changed the way I would view a fire as well as listen to the sirens. I decided these jobs needed to be documented for posterity. These pictures here are a historical documentation of the "good jobs" of various fire departments from around the east coast and beyond. I can look at these photos and they instantly jog my memories of each and every one.

I hope you enjoy this website.